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ADIAMIX has a high-performance vacuum degreasing machine that respects the environment, as well as tribofinishing means for deburring or even shining technical parts. Thanks to this equipment, our company ensures optimal cleaning and deburring operations on your various technical parts. The know-how of our teams meets the requirements of the household appliance sector and several other fields of activity.

What is tribofinishing?

Tribofinishing, or vibroabrasion , is an industrial process which allows to deburr, polish or shine technical metal parts. With this method, parts are processed by a tribofinishing machine containing a mixture of abrasive media, additives (in the form of powder or paste) and liquid (specially treated water or oil). The machine operates a rotational and vibratory movement which, thanks to the abrasive mixture , will act on the part and allow its deburring and polishing. Other surface treatment applications are accessible with the process: degreasing, stripping, cleaning, descaling, sanding, drying, etc.

Tribofinishing is also used to treat small as well as large parts (with simple or complex geometry). The level of polishing, deburring and the surface finish of the part will depend on the application time, the size and the composition of the consumables.

The main applications of tribofinishing

  • Deburring : elimination of burrs (particles and trimmings) appearing during machining of metal ;
  • Polishing : obtaining a perfectly smooth, shiny, reflective surface finish;
  • Cleaning: removal of impurities, residues and dirt & nbsp;
  • Smoothing : improvement of the surface treatment and uniformization;
  • Degreasing : action of degreasing the part to achieve an optimal level of cleanliness.

The equipment to carry out the process

The tribofinishing machine

Different machines are currently used by professionals: circular vibrators (or vibrating bowls), ideal for small parts; vibrating tanks (or linear vibrators), for parts> 100 mm & nbsp; rotary bottom or satellite centrifuges; deburring barrels, etc.

Abrasive media

They can be designed in several materials (ceramic, metal, polymer, plants, porcelain, wood, & nbsp; nut shells) and take different shapes and sizes depending on the desired result.

The advantages of tribofinishing

Ground finishing : Adiamix expertise

As specialists in metal deformation, we have extensive know-how in the field of tribofinishing and degreasing. To process your metal parts, we have latest generation equipment . Our expertise allows us to clean your parts to perfection, and reduce burrs present on technical parts after stamping.

Fully equipped to deburr your components, our finishing department has also all the necessary equipment to degrease metal parts. In particular, we have an automatic vacuum degreasing machine (modified alcohol technology) which provides excellent levels of cleanliness while preserving the environment.

Our expertise in tribofinishing and degreasing meets the requirements of household appliances sector (in particular thanks to our historical relationship with Moulinex) and many other fields of activity.

Our finishing services can be supplemented by assembly solutions (semi-automatic or automatic) of your sub-assemblies and finished products (such as hand-held devices such as vegetable mills or graters cheese …).

Call on our tribofinishing skills for your technical metal parts! Our teams will set up surface treatment solutions precisely adapted to your requirements. Do not hesitate to make contact with our experts.