Degreasing and vibration finishing

Degreasing and vibration finishing
ADIAMIX owns an efficient vacuum degreasing machine which works according to the latest environmental standard.
Our machine is at the latest level of market innovations, so we achieve cleaning your products to the latest needs.
Today we also take advantage of our historical technical expertise in the domestic sector and transfer this know-how into our other activities.
Like in the domestic sector, we also offer assemblies and packaging services for all other business sectors if applicable.

Our finishing equipment is especially equipped to degrease, deburr and polish technical parts.

Machines Quantity
Degreasing machine ROLL 1
Vibration finishers RӦSLER «brightening» 1
Vibration finishers RӦSLER «deburring» 1

Realization of sub-assemblies

To complete our offer ADIAMIX offers automated, semi-automated and manual assemblies to process subsets and final product assemblies such as: Assemblies of different household appliances (vegetable mills, chease graters).
For these operations we have the technical equipment needed available.

Production means assembly Machines Table dimensions Quantity
Reworking presses Bliss 50T 780 x 490 4
Reworking presses Bliss 32T 680 x 415 2
Reworking presses Bliss 80T 600 x 880 2
Special machines 10
Seam welding machine 1
Spot welding machine 1
Realization of sub-assemblies