Specialist in metal stamping
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Cutting & Stamping

Our company has great expertise in cutting and stamping metal parts . We manufacture parts and sub-assemblies according to your specifications, from prototype to series production.

The cutting and stamping of industrial technical parts is ADIAMIX’s main activity.
ADIAMIX carries out stamping in thin sheets ( 0.15 & nbsp; – & nbsp; 2.5 mm ).

ADIAMIX mainly works:

  • stainless steel : 700 tonnes / year,
  • mild steel: 650 tonnes / year,
  • l ‘ aluminum but also brass and brass.
320t die-cutter

What is cutting metal & nbsp ;?

Cutting is an industrial manufacturing technique used to design metal parts. Several processes exist for cutting metals: shearing, sawing, cutting, chiselling, nibbling, electroerosion, milling, etc. The product obtained by this process is often used to carry out a stamping operation .

What is metal stamping?

Stamping is a forming process that makes it possible to obtain metal parts from a sheet of thin sheet metal (called blank, or Becker). The operation is carried out cold, by clamping, in a steel or cast iron form (high-power stamping press). The principle of this manufacturing technique is based on the plastic deformation (irreversible deformation) of the blank by the punching method.

The steps of the process

The advantages of stamping

This manufacturing technique has several advantages:

Our expertise in sheet metal stamping

The cutting and stamping of metals is the heart of our company’s industrial know-how. With extensive experience in the field, our teams make stamping parts in different materials:

To carry out our series production, we have a complete fleet of machines particularly efficient. The capacity of our facilities allows us to produce high quality technical parts in medium and large series. 1,800 tonnes of raw materials are thus used each year in our production centers.

Our machine park specialized in cutting and stamping