The company

ADIAMIX, 2 production plants in Normandy

ADIAMIX employs 76 Employees at the 2 production plants and realized a turnover of 12M€ in 2016.

ADIAMIX manufactures cutting & stamping parts as well as machined foundry parts for the following markets:
household appliances, automotive, electromechanical, sanitary/heating, handling, agribusiness

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Alençon, production plant specialized in cutting & stamping of metal parts

Established since February 2002 in the previous buildings of the company MOULINEX, in Alençon in Normandy.
ADIAMIX supplies medium and large series of cutting & stamping parts.ADIAMIX Alençon employs 39 employees.

Production workers 17
Tool shop workers 11
Employees administration/sales 11
surface production 5000 m2

LE SAP, production plants specialized in the machining of foundry parts

The production plant ADIAMIX Le Sap en Auge is specialized in the machining of foundry parts, for the main actors of the handling market,(pallet trucks, fork-lift trucks…)
Another main-activity of this production plant is the manufacturing of small cutting & bending parts.

ADIAMIX Le Sap employs 37 employees.

Production workers 24
Maintenance tool service 2
Employees administration/sales 11
Surface production 5000 m2