Specialist in metal stamping
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Sanitary & heating

Stamped parts for pumps and circulators

Manufacture of stamped parts in medium and large series that can be integrated into pump assemblies:

  • filter circulators,
  • flanges,
  • fins,
  • housing elements,
  • pump fittings,
  • fittings,
  • seals for heating pumps,
  • valves,
  • pistons,
  • pump housings,
  • pump seals …

The manufactured parts comply with the specifics required for each application: oil, hydrocarbon, water and vacuum pumps.

See also the Automotive section.

We mainly supply parts for the sanitary and heating sector: parts for electric water heaters, parts for thermostats, boilers and caps.
ADIAMIX also manufactures parts for thermostatic cartridges and electrothermal actuators.

Many applications are also possible in valves: supports, fixings, sieves and drainers in stainless steel …


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